Primary School Links

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As a school we are keen to build and enhance links with the local primary schools.

Our School Chaplain regularly leads assemblies and collective worship in the main feeder primary schools and also takes former students back to their local primaries to help lead in spirituality and cross-curricular days.


"Thank you for coming along to Middleforth today and for bringing the boys with you. It made a huge difference having you lead some of the activities in the Prayer Spaces  - Mrs Dabell commented on the way in which you spoke to the children and said what a privilege it was to see an expert at work!  The boys did a tremendous job both inside and outside school; please pass on my thanks to them for all that they did."

Mrs Aspden (Head, Middleforth CofE Primary)

"Thanks so much for bringing the boys today. They were brilliant - well behaved, polite and amusing! There were lots of people in school today as we prepared for the summer fair, and the playgroup was on too and lots of those adults commented on how polite the boys were.  I didn't get a picture of them holding doors open for us old folk though!"

Mrs Foster (Head, Whitefield Primary)

"Thanks again for coming in and helping with our Values Week. The Juniors really enjoyed your Big Questions session."

Jill Oldham (Howick CofE Primary)

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