The Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award

As part of their first year at Hutton, Year 7 students will complete The Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award. The award encourages students to "be the change they want to see" by looking at ways they can improve the communities around them. 


The award is split into two modules and is completed between Religious Studies and Personal Development lessons. In RS, the students will research a variety of different religious figures from the past and present (including Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Bono and Martin Luther King Jr) and discuss how their faith motivated to make positive changes in their world.

In PD the students will explore and identify the different communities they are part of and will complete three practical projects: a personal volunteering project, a school project and a community project.

Personal volunteering project: The students are challenged to help out more at home. This can be as simple as washing up or cooking a meal to raising money for a charity that they care about.

School project: The students are challenged to improve their school or a local primary school. Past students have helped tidy up at local primary schools, fixed school fences and leaflet dropped for the HGSA plant sale.

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Community Project: The students visit a local charity and then run fundraising events for that chosen charity. The charities include The Space Centre, Galloways Society for the Blind, Penwortham Food Bank and the Foxton Centre.

It is hoped that through completing the award  students are empowered to be able to make a difference in the communities they find themselves in and see the potential they have to be positive change makers. 

For more information about the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award click here.

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