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Term & Holiday Dates 2018/19*


Autumn Term 2018

Monday 3rd September                                       INSET 1 (in school)

Tuesday 4th September                                       Start of Term

                                                                              Y7 & Y12: 8:40 am

                                                                               Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11 & Y13:

                                                                              11:05 am

Thursday 18th October                                        Half Term: 3:20

Friday 19th October                                             INSET 2 (in school)

Monday 29th October                                           School Reopens

Friday 21st December                                          End of Term: 12:10


Spring Term 2019

Monday 7th January                                             Start of Term: 8:40

Thursday 15th February                                       Half Term: 3:20

Friday 16th February                                            INSET 3 (in school)

Monday 25th February                                          School Reopens

Friday 5th April                                                     End of Term: 3:20


Summer Term 2019

Tuesday 23rd April                                                Start of Term: 8:40

Monday 6th May                                                   School Closed: May Day Holiday

Friday 24th May                                                    Half Term: 3:20

Monday 3rd June                                                  School Reopens: 8:40

Friday 19th July                                                    End of Term: 12:10

Monday 22nd July                                                 INSET 4 (off site)

Tuesday 23rd July                                                  INSET 5 (off site)

 *Term dates are provisional until ratified by Governors later in the Autumn Term

  • Student Radio If you are interested in being involved there will be a meeting in the sixth form work area at break 25th September

  • Year 7 Open Evening: via @YouTube

  • I am looking for some help from 6th Form to man the Careers Room (C53) on a Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime. Miss Lindsay

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