About Hutton

About Hutton

School Ethos and Values Statement

School Ethos & Values

Our mission statement at Hutton Church of England Grammar School and Sixth Form centres around three core values:

• Accomplishment
• Humility
• Service

We are committed to supporting and nurturing all of the students within our care in order that they accomplish all that is possible in their lives, both within and outside of the classroom.

At the same time we expect students to show humility; being aware that they do not live their lives in isolation but rather that they are grateful for all they have, respectful of the opinions and beliefs of others and willing to do all they can to help those less fortunate than themselves.

As a Church of England school we expect them to do all of this in the service of God, their local and wider communities and their families.

By following these principles and core values we look to support and develop all those within the Main School and Sixth Form to take their place in the world as hard working, respectful and productive individuals.

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