Leadership Team

M L Bradshaw
Head Teacher
I Rawsthorne
Deputy Head Teacher - Behaviour/Pastoral Care (Science/Chemistry)
M Livingstone
Assistant Head Teacher - Assessment & Reporting/Year 7 Learning Coordinator (Maths)
D Singleton
Assistant Head Teacher - Director of Intervention and Study Support (Maths)
C Mates
Assistant Head Teacher - Teaching & Learning

Teaching Staff

J G Aitchison
Subject Leader for PE
H Allan
Business Studies and Computing/ICT
H Banks
Assistant Subject Leader for Maths
A Bradley
Science (Biology)*
M Brown
C Buglass
Subject Leader for Modern Foreign Languages
J Coghlan
Religious Studies and History
K Collinson
Subject Leader for Performing Arts
P Cross
Religious Studies*
L Downton
D Dwyer
S Freeman
Subject Leader for Biology
N Furnell
Acting Subject Leader - Design Technology
O Hacking
S Henderson
English Assistant Subject Leader English
R Taylor
Subject Leader for Art and Design
J E Hill
Subject Leader English
J S Hill
Director of Sixth Form
N Hulme
B Hunter
Teacher of English
C James
Assistant Learning Co-ordinator for Years 8 and 9 (Design Technology)
A Johnson
N Lindsay
PSHE and Careers Co-ordinator (Psychology and Sociology)*
K Macdiarmid
Learning Co-ordinator Key Stage 4
N Mainey
Learning Co-ordinator Key Stage 4 (PE)
P Manley
T Mansfield
Subject Leader for Business & Economics
A McGregor
Modern Foreign Languages*
G Massey
Maths Teacher
B McGrail
Assistant Subject Leader for Modern Foreign Languages
D McKeand
Subject Leader for Geography
A Melchers
Science (Biology)
M Monaghan
C Montgomery
L Nathan
N O’Reilly
Subject Leader for History
A Palmer
Subject Leader for Psychology and Sociology
F Payton
Cooking and Nutrition*
J Pemberton
S Penman
Subject Leader for Science (Chemistry)
H Porritt
SENCO (English)
L Rawsthorne
Subject Leader for Maths
T Roberts
Subject Leader for Physics
C Scrivener
C Thompson
S Usher
Modern Foreign Languages*
L Waddell
Years 8 and 9 Learning Co-ordinator (Maths)
L Watson
Subject Leader for Religious Studies
L Wilson
Teacher of Chemistry
L Wright
Assistant Director of Sixth Form (English)
B Stockton-Finch
J Young
Science (Chemistry/Physics)
R Horne
Science (Chemistry)
M Sikora
Design Technology
N Sange
Science (Biology)


P Gilmore
School Business Manager
H Beresford
Leadership PA (Job Share)
L Waddell
Leadership PA and Clerk to the Governors
M Greenall
Exams Officer
G Harrison
Reception/General Finance and Administrator
K Wohlman
Finance Officer
G Tribley
Reception/Sixth Form Administration

Learning Support

H Bates
Teaching Assistant - English Department
D Brown
Teaching Assistant - Maths Department
L Margerison
Teaching Assistant and Respite Room Co-ordinator
S McCann
Teaching Assistant and Referral Room Co-ordinator
J Roberts
Teaching Assistant
A Singleton
Teaching Assistant - Pastoral and Student Support
J Wooldridge
Teaching Assistant
E Wade
Library Manager
J Huggon
Cover Supervisor
R Quigley
Teaching Assistant
M Graham
Teaching Assistant
J Hoodless
Teaching Assistant
L Downton
Teaching Assistant


B Wasley
Network Manager
N Holme
Assistant Network Manager
J Clarke
ICT Technician
T Harris
Reprographics Technician (First Aider)
A Simpson
Science Technician
X Zhao
Science Technician


C Dickinson
Site Manager
A Alty
Site Supervisor
M Brook
Cleaning Supervisor

Catering & Welfare

D Parker
Catering Manager
C Brown
Welfare/Lunchtime Supervision
M McClure
Welfare/Lunchtime Supervision