Admissions & Year 7 Transition

Admissions & Year 7 Transition

School Meals

Payment system

At Hutton we use a cashless catering system. This involves storing biometric data for each student so that the till recognises their 'fingerprint' and links it to their lunch account. This helps to speed up service and also means that students do not have to carry pre-paid cards, cash or remember pin numbers in order to pay for their lunch. Parents will be asked to sign to give permission for this before any data is collected.

Parents top up their son's account in advance by making payment online via the SCOpay system. There is also a revaluation machine in the Dining Hall which students can use to top up their account with cash, although online top ups are the preferred payment method as this reduces the need for students to carry cash with them.

Paying online also allows you to see how much your child is spending and keep an eye on when their balance is running low. If a student runs out of money on their account they will be allowed to go into debt for one day only so that they do not go without lunch. Their account must be topped up by the following day as the school cannot operate this as a credit system.

Sample Menus

There is a wide variety of food on offer including both hot meals and cold sandwiches. Students can also buy cakes, fruit, biscuits and drinks. There are a variety of vegetarian options available. We estimate that the average spend is between £3.00 and £3.50 per day but this can vary depending on what the students buy and whether or not they buy drinks. We encourage students to bring their own re-usable water bottle which can be filled with drinking water from the Dining Hall. 

Our menus usually run on a three week rotation but there will be variations depending on seasonality and availability of ingredients. The menu for the next week is attached to the bulletin each Friday afternoon so that students can see what food will be available the following week. A sample menu can be downloaded below. This only details the hot meals on offer. Students can also buy a sandwich or panini and there are also a number of biscuits and cakes made in our kitchens. If your son has any food allergies that we need to be aware of please contact the school and we will be able to provide further information. Staff in the school kitchen are also able to advise students of the allergen content of the foods available.

Sample Menu


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