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200 Club Jan 2018

Dear Parents / Carers,

 This is the 8th year of the 200 Club and the first draw will take place at the end of January 2018.

 The Hutton Grammar School Association (HGSA) set up a 200 Club that helps raise additional funds to support the school and its students.

 To join the 200 Club as a new member or renew membership and pay by cash or cheque, please complete the tear off slip below and return it to the school office in an envelope marked HGSA 200 Club.

If you completed a standing order form then the money will automatically be transferred and membership will continue.

 A contribution of £12 annually gives you one number in each of the monthly draws, £24 gives you two numbers, and £36 gives you three numbers and so on. Cheques should be made payable to Hutton Grammar School.

 The general principle is that 60% of the money collected will be used by the HGSA and the remaining 40% will be given out as monthly prizes. Should a prize winner not wish to bank their cheque, the money would simply be added to the HGSA Fund.

 Each month, prize winners will receive a cheque in the post. The value of the cheque will be decided when we know how many members have signed up to the club. The results of each monthly draw will be in the school newsletter and posted on the school website, with an update of how much money has been raised and how it is being used.

 Thank you for your continued support.

 HGSA Committee

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