Literacy Information

 As we reach the end of our first busy half term here at Hutton, I thought it would be good time to check in with you and outline some of our literacy policies

We are very proud of how excited our school community is about reading and we wish to nurture this love for reading and encourage the boys to read as much as they can in their spare time. As part of our school reading policy, we would kindly ask that your son brings some reading material with him to school each day that he can access in his spare time and during form time. Students may borrow a library book or bring a book from home, and it is perfectly acceptable for students to be reading non-fiction books and specialist magazines- these can be checked by your son’s English teacher if there are any doubts.

Below is a link to a leaflet, which I hope you will find useful, entitled Top Tips for Engaging Teenagers with Reading. Copies of this leaflet will also be made available on Parents’ Evenings.

The philosophy behind this leaflet stems from the questions I am often asked and some of the worries often voiced by parents/carers regarding their son’s engagement with reading.  Although your son may well be an avid reader, there will hopefully be something for everyone included.

I would also like to let you know about our social media presence and how we are using this to promote reading and writing. We have a literacy Twitter feed @huttonliteracy and we also have an active blog for our senior students that you may wish to follow and comment upon. This can be found at Please visit and share these sites!


Top Tips

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