Personal Development

Personal Development


Subject Leader for Personal Development  - Miss N Lindsay

Personal Development Teacher – Mrs J Coghlan


Year 7

The following areas are covered throughout Year 7.  These develop on from the KS2 PSHE Curriculum and encourage students to become responsible young adults within our community and wider society.

  • Establishing ground rules, transition, friendship and personal targets.
  • Learning styles, study skills and teamwork.
  • Work roles and aspirations.
  • Economic understanding: The function of money and personal budgeting.
  • Personal values.
  • Rights, responsibilities, diversity and bullying.
  • Relationships: friends and families.
  • Sex and relationships.
  • Healthy lifestyles: eating and exercise.
  • Health, risk and peer influence: tobacco and alcohol.
  • Personal identity and health: physical and emotional changes of puberty and personal hygiene.

Year 7 also participate in the Huttonian Award, which is an award based around three main school values to encourage pupils to become the best that they can.   The values are; accomplishment which is focused around boys academic attainment;  Humility where boys are asked to raise £15 for a nominated charity over the course of the year and Service which involves participating in 5 hours of service over the year (helping at home, helping neighbours, helping within school).  

Years 8-11

The Personal Development curriculum, focusing around Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) is delivered through bespoke assemblies and collective worship sessions and enrichment events throughout the academic year.   These include Mental Well-Being and Resilience to all year groups and Sex and Relationships Education to all year groups.  We have also participated in The Great Get Together which focuses upon diversity and tolerance. 

In addition to this, Year 9 onwards, receive support with Careers Advise and Post 16 decisions.  Here we deliver employability skills sessions, arrange career fairs and each pupil has access to career appointments with the school’s independent career advisor.


There is no formal assessment in Personal Development.  However, the boys progress and development in their understanding of the aspects of PD is monitored throughout each Topic Area.  The Boys may also complete mini tests and quizzes on the various topics to monitor the progress in their understanding.

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