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Hutton A Level PE Students Visit SPS Clinics - Tarleton Rugby Club

SPS Clinics provides A-level support to Hutton GS students!


On Monday 11th February Year 13 PE students went on a visit to Tarleton RUFC to develop their knowledge and understanding of Exercise Physiology required for their A-level. The day was delivered by Ray Bramford of SPS Clinics who provides the physiotherapy care for Tarleton RUFC.

Ray Bramford founded SPS Clinics in 1989 and he specialises in Spinal Injuries, Neuro-musculoskeletal Medicine and in Sports Related Injury and Rehabilitation.


‘I thoroughly I enjoyed the day at the physiotherapy clinic, I thought we got a very good insight into sporting injuries and the terms used and various ways in which you could treat a sporting injury.’


The day was structured with a morning of theory specifically relating to the A-level course with lots of Q+A opportunities allowing the students to develop a sound understanding of their course, specifically classification of sporting injuries and what causes them. This was followed by a practical session in the afternoon where the students were able to use the various pieces of equipment to enhance their knowledge and understanding of rehabilitation.

Although it was a long day with a vast amount of information to take in the students made fantastic progress and have over the past few weeks proven that they have retained the knowledge, reinforcing the value of the day.


‘Ray was interactive with us as a group and made it more enjoyable by making it feel as though it wasn’t a lesson.’


‘Ray explained how static turning and someone going into your leg laterally can cause a fracture in the leg. He also taught us it may not be a muscular, bone, ligament or tendon problem and that it could be a problem with neurons (nervous system).’


‘I really enjoyed the PE trip to the Physiotherapy clinic at Tarleton rugby club; I liked the relaxed atmosphere which made it easy for me to focus on what Ray was teaching us.’



‘I really enjoyed my trip and gain a lot of knowledge, the interaction was a great addition to the learning as you could learn the theory and apply it to the practical.’


‘Overall I really enjoyed Monday, as I want to study physiotherapy at University and as a career I found it very interesting and gained a lot of knowledge and technical terminology which will help me in my future studies’


The facilities at Tarleton RUFC and Ray’s time were provided free of charge which the school is extremely grateful for. For many years the school has had a strong link with Tarleton RUFC with many pupils throughout the school playing in the junior rugby set up and then going on to play senior rugby at Tarleton, or represent their County or even International representation. Hopefully this relationship will continue to develop and all parties will benefit from this collaboration. 


Mr Waddell







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