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Whalley Abbey Day Out

On Tuesday 3rd July, a small group of sixth formers took a trip for an end of term reflection to the wonderful Whalley Abbey along with Bishop John and Mrs Bradley. We brought along homemade cakes and snacks and were thoroughly prepared for a relaxing day in the sun. Here is what the group had to say about the trip. 

Livi - Whalley Abbey has beautiful scenery and historical grounds which were peaceful and interesting to walk around and explore. One of the highlights was when a local cat came to join us as we ate our lunch. I would definitely go back to the abbey again and I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone of any age group.

Toby – While I was at Whalley Abbey, I found that I was incredibly peaceful, and the general mood of the trip was one that was incredibly calming. I greatly enjoyed my time there, exploring the abbey, and learning of its history. I would happily return to the abbey for a similar trip.

Tessa - During the trip to Whalley Abbey we were given the chance to relax and take a well needed break. We walked around the stunning grounds and were given a short talk on the history of the building that once stood there. Throughout the day we took part in many activities which I feel has brought our group closer together and has taught us many techniques to help us relax both in college and our everyday lives. Plus, I personally found a way to find more peace within my faith which I know I will always carry with me.

Natasha - Whilst at Whalley Abbey, we were given the chance to wonder and have time to relax. The grounds are peaceful and  are lovely to walk around. I had a wonderful time there and it was great to spend time together away from college to have time to think and reflect.

Savannah - I found the Whalley Abbey trip to be greatly rewarding, allowing us to spend time as a close group, reflecting on our lives and our attitudes towards various obstacles and different personalities. The creative activities and the chance to explore the abbey gardens and ruins as a group were very peaceful and thought provoking and I would definitely love to do something similar again.

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