HGSA 200 Club

The Hutton Grammar School Association are re-establishing the 200 Club as part of our fundraising efforts for the year. In light of the current restrictions on households mixing it is unlikely that we will be able to hold our usual fundraising events and so we are looking for alternative ways to raise money to support the school.

Parents are invited to join the 200 Club for the year by paying for a number in our monthly draws. A payment of £12 gets you one number in each of the monthly draws, £24 gets you two numbers, £36 gets you three numbers and so on. 

A draw will take place at the end of each month and prizes will be awarded to those drawn in first, second and third place. These will be paid by cheque. 40% of the money collected will be used to fund the prizes for winners and the HGSA will use the remaining 60% to help fund the purchase of IT equipment and extra curriculum resources for the school. 

If you wish to join please fill in the registration form below and send it back to our Treasurer, Mrs Gilmore, at bursar@huttongrammar.org

Your name will be added to the 200 Club list and the payment details will appear on the online payment system on SCOpay. We will delay the September draw to give parents time to sign up and make payments. The first draw will be made on Friday 9th October and all payments should be made by this date.

We hope you will join up to help us raise money to support the school. We will keep parents updated about how much we have raised and what the money is being spent on via the school website.

Thank you for your support.

HGSA Committee