Unavoidable Closures

Unavoidable School Closures

There may be occasions where it is necessary to close or partially close the school at short notice. This is particularly likely in the event of adverse weather conditions during the winter months.

We will make every effort to keep the school open during these times but if snow and icy conditions pose a risk to health and safety then closure would be necessary.

In the event of an unavoidable closure, parents will be kept informed via text message and e-mail. Updates will also be posted on the school website and closure information given to local radio stations.

Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event of adverse weather, parents and students should be aware of the following:

  • Information updates about school closures during adverse weather conditions can be found on the school website:
  • Details regarding potential closure will be communicated via text and/or e-mail.
  • The Dining Hall could well be restricted as to the menus it can provide during a prolonged period of cold weather as some meals depend on the delivery of fresh produce and some staff may have difficulty getting into work. It is suggested that parents send students into school with additional food or snacks.
  • Bus services can be affected at short notice and the school will make every effort to keep students and parents informed. 
  • Students should wear appropriate clothing during the period in addition to the normal uniform. Sensible, sturdy, outdoor shoes are advised.
  • Students may be restricted to wet lunchtime and break procedures during the period and asked to stay in form rooms to minimize the risk of slipping. When this is the case students are expected to adopt a responsible attitude and follow the specified procedures. The time should be used productively where possible. Reading material and other activities can be brought in.
  • Movement around the site could be restricted and students are expected to follow any instructions given.
  • It is expected that all students adopt a responsible attitude during periods of adverse weather and that they follow instructions carefully and cooperate at all times.
  • The adverse weather has created a difficult situation on the site. Any irresponsible or dangerous behaviour will result in serious sanctions.
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