Homework at Hutton

Homework is integral to learning and contributes to raising achievement. Students are encouraged to establish good homework practice from Year 7, leading to more independent study skills as they progress through the school. Parents are requested to encourage a good attitude to work and homework and to try to provide appropriate facilities at home. 

Homework is important as it

  • Is a way of checking that classwork is understood
  • Consolidates or extends classwork
  • Helps to prepare for future lessons
  • Gives an opportunity for students to work independently and to become more responsible for organising their work
  • Helps students see the link between good study habits and higher standards of achievement
  • Helps students manage particular demands such as coursework/controlled assessment

The nature, frequency and length of homework vary according to the ability and age of the student and the subject. It should be meaningful, appropriate to the class and related to classwork or coursework. The table shows the approximate frequency, length and total amount of homework set each week for each of Years 7-13. Owing to the diversity of work between subjects it is impossible for the timetable to always be rigidly adhered to.




pieces of HW per week

length of HW per subject per week

total amount of HW per week




Dependent on subject combinations




1 - 1 hr 15 mins

9 - 10 hours

Extended tasks set periodically in Drama,



1 – 1 hr 15 mins

9 - 10 hours

Computing, Music and Personal Development.



40 mins

5 - 5 hrs 30 mins

This applies particularly to Y7, 8 and 9.



30 mins

4 hours

NEA assessment/coursework will require



20 – 30 mins

3 - 3 hrs 30 mins

considerable time spent on it at home, especially in Year 10 &/or 11.

 There is a separate homework timetable prepared each academic year for Year 7. Copies are issued to each student in September. Homework Timetable

 All details of homework tasks and submission dates are recorded on Classcharts.



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