Christian Community

Life in a Church School

Spirituality and Christian Values at Hutton

Hutton is a Church of England School and Sixth Form. We are proud of our Christian heritage and work hard to ensure all that we do continues to be firmly rooted within the beliefs and values of the Christian faith.

Our core Christian values of Accomplishment, Service and Humility, based on the life of Christ, are reinforced throughout our academic calendar. This includes accomplishment celebration events, a huge range of extra-curricular opportunities and daily worship, both inside and outside the curriculum.

Collective Worship

Each day we hold Collective Worship, which is centred around a weekly theme, both in form time and in year groups, where our students are encouraged to consider things of true worth and value in our world, celebrate the love of God and demonstrate how important this is to our daily lives. Students of all faiths and no faith are encouraged to take ownership of this act of worship so that all members of the school community can develop their own sense of spirituality and what it means to be human.



Our Chapel sits at the heart of our school, a focus for worship, enrichment and reflection. Students and other members of our school community are welcome to come and use this quiet, sacred space to connect with God and find peace within the busy lives we live.