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What are the entry requirements?

Students need to achieve at least 28 points from their best 6 GCSE subjects (or equivalent qualifications). 

Students wishing to study Maths or a Science subject at A level must achieve a grade 6 or above in these subjects at GCSE. To study Further Maths, you must achieve at least a grade 7 in GCSE Maths.

Practical subjects may ask for a portfolio of work or evidence of playing a competitive sport.

What will I study?

At Hutton we only offer A levels. Most students choose to study 3 subjects, but you can choose to study a 4th. Take a look through our Course Guide to see what subjects you are interested in.

All our year 12 students will also complete an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This is an independent research project which you will complete during your form period. An EPQ is worth half an A level in UCAS points and is very beneficial when applying for universities, apprenticeships or jobs.

Can I change my subject choices?


You can make changes to your subjects until October during year 12. If you have chosen to take four subject, you can drop down to three at any time.

How do I apply?

The first thing you need to do is complete our online application form here.

Once you have returned your application we will arrange an interview with you. Where possible we try to arrange a visit to your school for this, however there may be times we ask you to come to Hutton instead.

During the summer term we will send out head start packs, these will give you an introduction to the subjects you have applied for. 

Can I visit Hutton Sixth Form before I apply?


If you did not manage to attend our Open Evening in October - or did and want to see more - you can arrange to look around the Sixth Form. Contact Miss Shepherd (Sixth Form Administrator) to book an appointment - c.shepherd@huttongrammar.org or call the office 01772 613112.


When do I enrol?

Enrolment is taking place on Thursday 24th August 2023 (GCSE results day) and Friday 25th August 2023. Students can visit once they have collected their GCSE results. 

If you are unable to make it in person on either days, there will be an online enrolment form available.

When do I have to attend Sixth Form?

Sixth Form begins at 8:50am and finishes at 3:05pm. Students are expected to arrive punctually for all lessons, allowing maximum teaching time.

Students can spend all their free time in the sixth form centre if they wish, however there are times students may choose to start late and finish early - 

  • Students may start late if their first lesson is not until period 3 or later.

  • Students may leave early once they have finished their timetabled lessons for the day.

  • If you have no lessons you are not expected to attend but are welcome to.

What should I wear?

We expect Sixth Form students to set a good example by being neatly and smartly presented. Students should aim to dress in clothes that would be appropriate in an office.

Please note that hair colour should be within the natural colour range.



Formal shirts or polo shirts of any colour, ties are optional

Plain suit jacket, blazer or pullover

Trousers should not be denim, jeans, or track-suit

Shoes – no trainers



Smart skirts or dresses; any reasonable design and length

Tops and shirts of any colour, in a suitable style

Jumper or cardigan of any colour

Trousers should not be denim, jeans, or track-suit/leggings

Shoes – no trainers


If there is a particular reason why students are unable to adhere to the dress code we will of course accommodate this.