The numeracy action plan is in place to improve the Numeracy of all pupils at Hutton Grammar School. As parents and carers you have the responsibility and opportunity to enhance the Mathematics that your son uses in life and across the curriculum at Hutton Grammar School.

The information provided here is to act as a guide about what we do at school to help and support pupils alongside information on where further help is available if you require it.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr Scrivener.

Numeracy in Form

Each week a numeracy activity is shared to all teachers. This resource can be used in form to supplement the Mathematics and Numeracy that happens across all aspects of the curriculum at Hutton.

Example tasks are available on the site and in the past have varied. Examples include problem solving with the cost of pancakes, understanding the shape of the new £1 coin and quizzes about famous Mathematicians.

Numeracy in Mathematics

Numeracy is key to many aspects of Mathematics that use numbers and rules. Within Mathematics lessons we try to promote good practice of Numeracy skills.

Key areas include but are not limited to;

  • Proficiency in mental arithmetic,
  • Being able to present formal written methods, 
  • Being able to explain what is happening not just being able to produce an answer.

 Additionally support is offered through intervention outside of the class, referral to Maths Club and key skills tests to certain classes. The latter is only in a trial period before we look to roll it out across more classes.

Additionally pupils have access to sites including My Maths with their own unique log on. We try to emphasise tasks for pupils to be aware of.

Numeracy across the Curriculum

Numeracy is important and should, wherever possible, be used within all subjects to enhance and build a pupils knowledge.

We are currently looking in to how we can increase the awareness of Numeracy and what initiatives that we can introduce to help promote Numeracy across all departments.

Help and Advice

We appreciate that many parents and carers like to offer help and support to pupils who may be experiencing difficulty with their work. We also understand that it may have been many years since the last time you did some Mathematics.

We are here to help in that respect and are in the process of creating a toolkit that will help you to help your pupils.

In the meantime there are things you can be doing. Some options include;

  • Signpost your son to Maths Club on a Monday/Friday lunchtime.
  • Ask your son to search for the topic on the My Maths website. (Link below)
  • Ask for help from a teacher by email or by using the Hutton Maths Twitter account. (Link below)
  • Use other internet resources for help. A quick internet search will reveal many established Mathematics sites with help from other teachers.

Useful Links

My Maths:

Hutton Maths Twitter:

BBC Bitesize: