Study Skills

Study Skills

At Hutton we understand how overwhelming it can be to be a student.  In their time at our
school, pupils will study 16 subjects in KS3, 10 at GCSE and 3 at A level.  

There is such a great deal to remember, to manage, to organise.  In a bid to support our pupils
in developing the skills needed to make good progress whilst maintaining a healthy balance
for their wellbeing, we have developed a series of Study Skills programmes that runs
throughout years 7-10, the details of which can be found below.

Year Focus Sessions
7 Ready for High School Memory Skills
Mental Health and Wellbeing
Reading to Learn
Learning a Foreign Language
Revision Skills in Maths
8 Transferable Skills How Art relates to everything
Geography Hacks
Sporting Maths
History Makers, Code Breakers
Technology Orienteering
9 GCSE Ready English Revision Techniques
Mind mapping
The GCSE Mindset
Memory Techniques in Science
Maths Revision Techniques
10 GCSE Boost Revision Resources
Organising Independent Study
Planning Next Steps
Reflection and Target Setting

Further input is provided throughout yrs 11, 12 and 13 through external providers and our
exceptional pastoral care system in the 6 th  form.

Whilst subject-specific guidance will always be the most important tool for pupils to learn
how to manage, organise and revise their work, our hope is that the cumulative effect of these
sessions will equip them to have even more confidence in their studies.