Students will be expected to wear the correct uniform or games kit at all times while at school. Both Monkhouse and BangBang are our designated suppliers for school specific items. Blazer badges can be bought directly from the school for £7.50 if you prefer to buy a plain black blazer and sew the badge on yourself.

All students are required to wear the following items of uniform:

Black Blazer (Plain Polyester with school badge)
School pullover - black with V neck.
Full-length shirts in grey or white
School tie
Black or dark grey trousers
Black shoes of plain leather type
Black or grey socks

Students will also be expected to have a craft apron for Art and Technology lessons.

Outer coats should not be expensive fashion garments or bulky ski-type jackets. They should be in plain, sober colours, and thin enough to be rolled up small for storage during the day. Hooded tops are not allowed in school.

Students are not permitted to wear jewellery of any kind and extreme hair styles are not acceptable, either in terms of shape, length or colouring.

Mobile phones, i-Pods and other valuable items should not be brought into school. The school cannot take responsibility for such items.

Students intending to travel to school by bicycle should wear appropriate safety equipment and ensure that their bicycle is in full working order, fitted with both front and rear brakes.

It is vital that all items of uniform and kit are clearly marked with your child's name. 

PE / Games Kit

Students are required to have the following items of PE and Games Kit.

For all terms:

White Gym shoes
School PE Vest
White PE Shorts
Swimming trunks

For the Winter Terms:

Black shorts
School Rugby jersey
School socks
Rugby/Football boots.

For the Summer Term:

White shirt                                                                                                  White trousers or shorts
White training shoes or cricket shoes
White Socks
White pullover or sweater (optional)

All Gym shoes should have non-marking soles. High-cut basketball-type shoes are not permitted.

It is vital that all items of Games kit are clearly marked with your child’s name.