Department Staff

Mrs J Hill                                Subject Leader for English

Mr S Henderson                     Assistant Subject Leader and Literacy Co-ordinator

Mrs H Porritt                          Teacher of English (and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Miss L Wright                          Teacher of English (and Post-16 Enrichment Co-ordinator)

Mrs C Mates                            Assistant Head Teacher & Teacher of English 

Mr B Hunter                            Teacher of English

Miss L Bache                           Teacher of English

Mrs L Nathan                          Teacher of English

Mrs H Bate                              Teaching Assistant - English Department

Introduction to Key Stage 3 English

At Hutton we strive to make Key Stage 3 English stimulating and exciting whilst ensuring breadth, depth and rigour of provision.  Our Key Stage 3 groups follow a scheme of work over the three years which builds upon the skills they have developed at Key Stage 2 and prepares them for the demands of GCSE English Language and Literature.  Through the reading of novels and non-fiction students will develop as inferential and sensitive readers with an ability to respond in writing to a range of written texts. Students will learn to adapt their writing for audience and purpose, and develop high levels of technical accuracy.  Their spoken English skills will be enhanced through group work, drama activities and individual presentations. Our students are encouraged to become independent, keen readers; library lessons are timetabled within our Key Stage 3 curriculum offering pupils the opportunity to select from a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts in their fortnightly lesson.

Topics that will be studied

Following the National Curriculum, students will encounter: pre and post 20th century poetry; poetry and short stories from different cultures and traditions; a range of non-fiction including newspapers, leaflets, articles and multi-media texts. 

Year 7:Story writing; class novel; poetry; magazines; review writing and “The Hutton Plot” group project

Year 8: Class novel; literary texts throughout the ages; topical issues; poetry; ‘ The Power of Persuasion’ and ‘Heroes and Villains’

Year 9: Transactional writing; class novel; Shakespeare; unseen poetry and pre-1914 fiction linking to 19th century non-fiction

How students will be assessed

Baseline Reading and Writing tests are carried out early in Year 7 and these results, along with Key Stage 2 data, will be used to set end of year and end of key stage targets.  Half-termly formal assessments allow us to track and monitor student progress. Each student has an English Assessment Book which stays in school but can be sent home upon parental request.  These are also available at Parents’ Evenings.  These books stay with students throughout their Key Stage 3 years, allowing them to clearly monitor and take pride in their own progress over their first three years with us.

The Key Stage 3 Assessment grids can be downloaded below:

Assessment Grid - Reading Band A

Assessment Grid - Reading Band B

Assessment Grid - Reading Band C

Assessment Grid - Reading Band D

Assessment Grid - Writing Band A

Assessment Grid - Writing Band B

Assessment Grid - Writing Band C

Assessment Grid - Writing Band D


Extra Curricular Activities and Educational Visits

We value extra-curricular activities greatly and seize numerous opportunities to enrich our students' experience of English. Examples of recent activities include:

  • Theatre Visits
  • Visits from authors, poets and storytellers
  • Library visits
  • Harry Potter Studio Tour Visit
  • Readathon
  • Poetry and story-writing competitions
  • Debating at Manchester University
  • Public Speaking competitions


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